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  •  [Hebei,China]
  • Jenis perniagaan:Pengedar / pemborong , pengeluar
  • Main Mark: Americas , Asia , Eropah Timur , Timur Tengah , utara Eropah , Eropah Barat
  • pengeksport:91% - 100%
  • CERT:BSCI, ISO9001
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Welded Wire Fence Types


Livestock Fence Panels
Farm and ranch supply stores sell welded wire panel fencing designed for type-specific livestock habitat. These panels may be steel or galvanized and are characterized by the size and configuration of the holes in the mesh. Horse panels have square holes from top to bottom and have the most open grid. Cattle panels look like horse panels but have a smaller grid size. Hog panel grid work is oblong at the bottom where the horizontal wires are close together and becomes square at the top where the crosswires are further apart. A number of fencing companies will build and weld custom fence panels for such exotic applications as farming ostrich or running a wildlife rehabilitation facility. 

Decorative Fence Panels
Livestock fence panels can be painted with metal paint and mounted between any type or style of fence poles to create do-it-yourself ornamental fencing. If your architectural style is modernistic, source and install silver-toned "architectural" wire mesh welded fence panels; use these for property boundary delineation or even indoors as a design accent. For garden elegance, purchase fence panels that use various gauges of wire to create scrollwork frames for mesh panels, or invest in the contemporary industrial aesthetic of heavy gauge vertical wire panels or the geometric elegance of double loop or roll top wire mesh panels. Many of these ornamental fence panels provide security as well: they may be impossible to climb, keep dogs and other pets contained safely, and prevent skunks and other wildlife from entering the enclosed space. 

Portable Fence Panels
From pet cages and dog kennels to complete stock yards, portable welded wire panels are designed for quick setup and ease of portability. If you need to keep people out of a private outdoor function use panels that have the added security feature of a tilted, anti-climb top panel. If you host or attend pet shows or animal trials, source pet containment systems that accommodate large and small animals in appropriated spaces and come with fitted plastic canvas weather and shade covers.
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